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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Before that, I didn't really like mind map. It is confusing, clusterring all the information, cramming the key words in a page, and making the funny funny picture.

Instead, I come across a more systematic mind mapping method when reading about Tony Buzan's method of mind-mapping. There are basically around 10 Laws of Mind Mapping, which I will go into more details in other post.

The most effective of learning is student writing their own key words.

So, I tried up.

I bought a book entitled "speed reading" and I finished it in around 1 week where I have summarised it in 4 pages of mind maps for the whole 140++ pages.

Here, I give some examples of my draft of mind maps.





First time ever to try to use mind mapping. There is still much more imprevement for me.

I DID hate mind-mapping, but why dont you give it a try too?


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